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Jesus Is For Everyone

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    This Elementary Large Group/Small Group Curriculum Power Pack includes 6 TOTAL LESSONS! Includes high impact Video Segments, Graphic slides, Bible Story with graphics, games, skits, object lessons, and more. Plus, includes Small Group Lessons and Family Devotions to reinforce the Large Group lesson.

    “For God so loved the world...” These are the words that begin one of the most famous scriptures in the Bible. Yet, too often, people get it in their minds that Jesus only came for special, rich, or important people.

    Jesus didn’t come and reveal Himself to the Kings and Leaders of the time. He was born in a manger and appeared to Shepherds.

    Jesus didn’t spend His time ministering only to the “important” and “influential” people of society. He spent time ministering to the hurting, the sick, the lost, and the poor. Jesus was willing to spend time with ANYONE who would listen to His message.

    The people of Jesus’ time saw first-hand that Jesus is not just for the wealthy, well-connected, or special people. Nope, the truth is - “JESUS IS FOR EVERYONE.”

    That’s the name of this series – “JESUS IS FOR EVERYONE.” It’s all about how Jesus loves everyone in this world exactly the same! “Red and Yellow, Black and White” – all people are precious in His sight!

    The Lessons:


    Lesson 1: “God Loves The World” (Nicodemus)


    Lesson 2: “Drop The Rocks” (Adulterous Woman)


    Lesson 3: “Jesus Loves The Little Children” (Children)


    Lesson 4: “Leave It All Behind” (Matthew)


    Lesson 5: “The Living Water” (Woman At The Well)


    Lesson 6: “No Doubt” (Thomas)

    The DVD:

    Included are “The Spark” Intro Video segments featuring “Madison” and, the Power Verse Videos featuring “Disco Dan”, and “Watts Up?” Videos featuring “Skittles”. We have included several “Video Bumpers” to be used as transitions to each segment of the service (“Game On!”, “Offering”, and “Brain Drain”).

    The Data Disc:

    This Disc contains the Printable Lesson Manual and graphics/artwork you can use to promote this amazing series. Also included are PowerPoint games, slides for use during the lesson. In addition, you will find “Family Devotions” and “Small Group Experience” for each lesson. You will also find Quicktime video files on the Data Disc that can be copied and placed into PowerPoint or other presentation software.

    Click HERE for a sample Large Group and Small Group lesson.


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