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Year 2 Bundle

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    "Year 2 Bundle"

    This bundle contains 53 weeks of lessons at a severely discounted price.  We have a created a suggested Scope and Sequence below.  By following the lessons in this order, you will get a solid variety of Old Testament vs New Testament focused series.  Click on each series title to view lesson and video samples.

    CLICK HERE to download our suggested full scope and sequence!

     "Basic Training"

    In this six-week Curriculum series, your children will learn valuable lessons about the basics of Christianity.

    Through Frankie's journey through Basic Training for the Army and Sgt. Scripture's Power Verses, your kids will learn all the basics for a strong foundation of Faith.

    The Lessons:

    Lesson 1 - “Born Again?” (Salvation - Story of Nicodemus)

    Lesson 2 - "Is Anybody Listening?” (Prayer - Story of Pharisee & Tax Collector)

    Lesson 3 - “The Special Gift” (Holy Spirit - Story of Peter)

    Lesson 4 - “The B.I.B.L.E.” (God's Word - Story of Jesus In The Wilderness)

    Lesson 5 - “More Than A Song” (Worship - Story of King David Dancing)

    Lesson 6 - “Friends In Low Places” (Witnessing - Story of Andrew Sharing His Faith)

    "Say Whaaat?"

    In this series, your children will learn about some of the most challenging statements and teachings of Jesus.  From learning to store up treasures in Heaven to learning to live without worry, your kids will be challenged to get rid of the “old” way of thinking and embrace the “Jesus” way of thinking!

    Plus, it includes the music video for Skittles' hit song, "Say Whaaaat?!"

    The Lessons:

    Lesson 1: “Don't Store Up Treasures On Earth”

    Lesson 2: “Nothing Is Impossible”

    Lesson 3: “Humble Yourself And You Will Be Exalted"

    Lesson 4: "Don't Worry About Anything"

    Lesson 5: “Love Your Enemies"

    Lesson 6: “If You Don't Forgive Others"

    "Moses, Ordinary Hero"

    In this series, the children will get a front row seat for the majority of Moses’ life. They will see how God’s plan unfolded for Moses: the “Ordinary Hero.” In doing so, they will begin to see how God can use ordinary people (like them) to do extraordinary things.

    The Lessons:

    Lesson 1 - “God, Do You Have A Plan For Me?”

    Lesson 2 -“God,Why Are You Taking So Long?"

    Lesson 3 - "God, Have You Forgotten Me?"

    Lesson 4 - “God, Are You Talking To Me?”

    Lesson 5 - "Freedom"

    Lesson 6 - “Now What?”

    Lesson 7 - “God’s Plan For My Enemy!”

    Lesson 8 -“Holy Cow?”

    Lesson 9 - “Show Me The Way”

    Lesson 10 - “We’re All In This Together”

    Lesson 11 - “Road Rage”

    Lesson 12 - “Stop, Drop, & Glow!”

    "How To Ruin Your Life"

    In this six-week curriculum series, your children will learn from the stories of Adam and Eve, David and Bathsheba, Joseph, King Solomon, Jacob and Esau, and the nation of Israel. They will discover how each of these Bible characters faced tough situations - some made wise decisions and some made foolish decisions. Each lesson will teach the children some of the foolish decisions to avoid - based on the lives of these characters.

    The Lessons:

    Lesson 1 - “Resist Authority” (Adam & Eve)

    Lesson 2 - "Do What Feels Good” (David & Bathsheba)

    Lesson 3 - “Hold On To Grudges” (Joseph & His Brothers)

    Lesson 4 - “Live For Myself” (King Solomon's 'Meaningless' Life)

    Lesson 5 - “Compare Myself To Others” (Israelites Want A King)

    Lesson 6 - “Live For The Moment” (Esau Sells His Birthright)

     "Questions, Questions, Questions"

    In this series, your children are going to learn from some of the BIGGEST questions Jesus asked. They are going to learn from Jesus on subjects ranging from gratitude to judgmentalism. They will learn from stories Jesus told such as “The Rich Fool” and “The Good Samaritan.”

    The Lessons:

    Lesson 1 - “Why Do You Call Me Lord, But Don't Do What I Say?"

    Lesson 2 - “What Do You Benefit If You Gain The Whole World, But Lose Your Own Soul?"

    Lesson 3 - “Where Are The Other Nine?"

    Lesson 4 - “Why Are You Afraid?"

    Lesson 5 - "Why Worry About A Speck In Your Friend's Eye When You Have A Log In Your Own?"

    Lesson 6 - “Which Would You Say Was A Neighbor?"

    "The New Normal"

    In this study of Ephesians 4, 5, & 6, your children will learn through the stories of Ananias and Saphira, Jesus and the Pharisees, Judas, Abraham and Isaac, David and Saul, and the early Apostles. They will learn how God is calling us to a new level in our relationship with Him when it comes to our attitude, speech, morality, families, and churches. God is calling us to live in “The NEW Normal” of His power and grace.

    The Lessons:

    Lesson 1 - “I’ve Got A New Attitude” (Ephesians 4:2)

    Lesson 2 - "Watch Your Mouth” (Ephesians 4:29)

    Lesson 3 - “A.C.T. Normal” (Ephesians 5:1)

    Lesson 4 - “The Normal Church” (Ephesians 4:3)

    Lesson 5 - “A Normal Family” (Ephesians 6:1)

    Lesson 6 - “The Armor of God” (Ephesians 6:11)

     "God Speaks"

    In this 6-week series, through the crazy antics of "The Okrah Report," your kids will learn that God still speaks to people today, including kids. They will learn how to hear His voice, what things He says to His people, and how to remove the obstacles in their lives that keep them from hearing His voice.

     The Lessons:

    Lesson 1 - “Does God Still Speak?” (Abram hears from God)

    Lesson 2 - "Does God Speak To Kids?” (Samuel hears God's voice)

    Lesson 3 - “How Does God Speak?” (Moses & the burning bush)

    Lesson 4 - “What Does God Say” (The writing on the wall)

    Lesson 5 - “What Else Does God Say?” (God comforts Joshua)

    Lesson 6 - “Why Don't I Hear God Speak?” (Eli refuses to obey)

    "The REAL Christmas Story"

    Because of all of the confusion about the Christmas Story, it is so important that we teach our kids “The REAL Christmas Story” - straight from the Bible. That is what we attempt to do in this series. Your kids will love remembering all of the details and learning some new twists in the plot that they may never have known.

    The Lessons:

    Lesson 1:            “MARY: The Unlikely Mother”

    Lesson 2:            “JOSEPH: The Obedient Father”

    Lesson 3:            “SHEPHERDS: The Unexpected Guests”

    Lesson 4:             “HEROD: The Selfish King”

    Lesson 5:            “JESUS: The Glorious Savior”


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