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The Bridge [Download]

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    This Elementary Large Group/Small Group Curriculum Power Pack includes 3 TOTAL LESSONS! Includes high impact Video Segments, Graphic slides, Bible Story with graphics, games, skits, object lessons, and more. Plus, includes Small Group Lessons and Family Devotions to reinforce the Large Group lesson.

    Bridges can come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. They can be HUGE like the Millau Bridge in France. Or they can be really small like the Hussaini Hanging Bridge, in Pakistan. But, no matter what shape or size they come in, bridges are meant for ONE thing. To get you from ONE side to the other.

    The Bible teaches us that SIN separates us from God. When SIN enters our life, it’s almost as if we are on one side of a chasm and GOD is on the other side. SIN is the chasm that keeps us separated from God.

    But, God did NOT want that. That’s why He sent His Son, Jesus to Earth. Jesus created a BRIDGE for us to get to God. That’s what the children are going to learn about in this series. They will learn about how Jesus is the Bridge for us to get to God, and we must bring as many people as possible to “The Bridge.” In addition, they will learn how we get the privilege to partner with “bridge builders” (missionaries) around the world in a big way!

    This is a downloadable zip file that contains all of the elements needed for teaching the series.


    Lesson 1 - “Jesus Is The Bridge”

    Lesson 2 - "Building A Bridge To The World”

    Lesson 3 - “Partnering With Bridge Builders”

    This series includes

    DVD - contains "The Spark" Lesson Intro Video segments that introduce each lesson; Power Verse Videos; "Watt's Up?" Video segments featuring SKITTLES, and more. Also includes weekly "Game On!", "Offering Time!", and "Brain Drain". (BONUS** BLOOPERS VIDEO)

    Data CD - contains PDF and Adobe InDesign files of the entire Leader's Manual to personalize each lesson to your service's needs, graphic art for promo, power point slides, character skits, illustrated messages, Family Devotions, and weekly Small Group Lessons. Also includes all of the Quicktime Videos for each lesson - perfect for dropping into Media Shout, Pro Presenter, and other presentation software

    Click HERE for a sample Large Group lesson.

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