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Questions, Questions, Questions

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    Jesus was a master teacher. From the parables to the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus consistently amazed the teachers of the law and His disciples with His insight and wisdom. One tool that Jesus used in a powerful way was the tool of asking probing questions.

    The questions Jesus asked were not simple ones. The questions He asked forced an answer. They challenged the heart of the listener and caused everyone to rethink the way they lived.

    In this series, your children are going to learn from some of the BIGGEST questions Jesus asked. They are going to learn from Jesus on subjects ranging from gratitude to judgmentalism. They will learn from stories Jesus told such as “The Rich Fool” and “The Good Samaritan.”

    This Elementary Large Group/Small Group Curriculum Power Pack includes 6 TOTAL LESSONS! Includes high impact Video Segments, Graphic slides, Bible Story with graphics, games, skits, object lessons, and more. Plus, includes Small Group Lessons and Family Devotions to reinforce the Large Group lesson..

    The Lessons:

    Lesson 1 - “Why Do You Call Me Lord, But Don't Do What I Say?"

    Lesson 2 - “What Do You Benefit If You Gain The Whole World, But Lose Your Own Soul?"

    Lesson 3 - “Where Are The Other Nine?"

    Lesson 4 - “Why Are You Afraid?"

    Lesson 5 - "Why Worry About A Speck In Your Friend's Eye When You Have A Log In Your Own?"

    Lesson 6 - “Which Would You Say Was A Neighbor?"

    This series includes:

    DVD - contains “The Spark” Intro Video segments featuring Kayla and a class of 1st graders, the Power Verse Videos featuring “Capt. Cork & Dr. Splunk”, and “Watts Up?” Videos featuring “Skittles”. We have included several “Video Bumpers” to be used as transitions to each segment of the service (“Game On!”, “Offering”, and “Brain Drain”).

    Data CD - contains the Printable Lesson Manual and graphics/artwork you can use to promote this amazing series. Also included are PowerPoint games, slides for use during the lesson. In addition, you will find “Family Devotions” and “Small Group Experience” for each lesson. You will find Quicktime video files on the Data Disc that can be copied and placed into PowerPoint or other presentation software.

    Click HERE for a sample Large Group lesson.

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