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Joseph, Living The Dream

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    Joseph is one of the most studied and treasured Bible Heroes. His lived a life of extremes. He began as the favorite son, then wound up in the pit. He went from the pit to being a servant in Potiphar’s house. Just when things seemed to be looking up, he is falsely accused and imprisoned.

    In prison, Joseph is faithful to God and to his calling as a servant. He is shown favor by God and finds himself eventually going from the prison to the second highest position in the country of Egypt. How does this young man handle these ups and downs? How does he respond to failure, success, and temptation?

    In this series, we study the life of Joseph to help us understand how God can work through even life’s toughest circumstances. Every lesson follows Joseph’s life - from the dream to reality.


    Lesson 1:           “Nobody’s Perfect”

    Lesson 2:           “Dream A BIG Dream”

    Lesson 3:           “Running From Temptation”

    Lesson 4:           “Why Is This Happening To Me?”

    Lesson 5:           “When You Feel Forgotten”

    Lesson 6:           “Can God Ever Reach _____________?”

    Lesson 7:           “Getting Rid Of ‘Stinking Thinking”

    Lesson 8:           “Let Go Of The Hurt”

    Lesson 9:           “Why Do Bad Things Happen To Good People?”

    Lesson 10:           “Be Faithful In The Moment”

    This series includes:

    The DVD:

    Included are “The Spark” Intro Video segments featuring Boudreaux, the Power Verse Videos featuring “Bolt Manglespleen,” and the “Watt’s Up?” Videos featuring “Skittles”. We have included several “Video Bumpers” to be used as transitions to each segment of the service (“Game On!”, “Offering”, and “Brain Drain”).

    The Data Disc:

    This Disc contains the Printable Lesson Manual and graphics/artwork you can use to promote this amazing series. Also included are PowerPoint games, slides for use during the lesson. In addition, you will find “Family Devotions” and “Small Group Experience” for each lesson. You will also find the Quicktime video files on the Data Disc that can be copied and placed into PowerPoint or other presentation software.

    Click HERE for a sample Large Group lesson, Small Group lesson, and Family Devotion.

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    1. Joseph living the dream

      I love all of the material, the videos the kids just love them. The power verse really helps them learn about the lesson. I love all of you work. I have been buying them since I have been the Children's Director at my small church. We can't use the digital yet so please continue to do it in video. Thanks so much for all of your hard work it is paying off with the children I have reached at my church. My church is in a bad neighbor hood and we are reaching out to the unchurch and broken family's. The kids can't wait to see what happens every Sunday. Love ya'll on Oct 18th 2017