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"INSTANT" - Easter Lesson [Download]

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    We live in an INSTANT world.  It’s pretty amazing!  You can get what you want when you want it.  This INSTANT world we live in can be wonderful – but it can have a bad effect on us, too.  We get so used to INSTANT food, INSTANT entertainment, and INSTANT answers – we don’t want to wait…for ANYTHING.   If we have to wait, we get angry and frustrated.

    We can get that way with God, also.  Sometimes, we pray and ask God for an answer, but don’t see anything change.  Or, we feel like we have a promise from God, but it takes too long.  We start to ask, “Where is God?  Why hasn’t my answer come?”   When God isn’t INSTANT, we start to lose faith.

    Jesus' disciples had to learn the same lesson that your kids will learn in this EASTER lesson – God isn’t always INSTANT!  Sometimes His timing is different than ours.  We have to learn to WAIT for God to answer His way – in HIS timing.   For the disciples, Jesus waited three days to answer.  That must have been hard.  But, boy was that answer worth the wait!  

    Includes the following:

    "LESSON INTRO VIDEO" (Laken talks about how "INSTANT" our world is)

    "CHARACTER SKIT" (complete comedy script featuring Wacky Wally)

    "GAME TIME" ("Hoppy Easter" Game)

    "ILLUSTRATED MESSAGE" (includes animated illustrations, object lessons, teaching script and more)

    "POWERPOINT SLIDES" (graphic slides to enhance every part of the service)

    "GRAPHIC ARTWORK" (use for promoting the Easter Sunday lesson)

    "BRAIN DRAIN REVIEW GAME" (see how much the kids learned)

    "FAMILY DEVOTION" (take-home devo to go along with large group lesson)


    This is a downloadable ZIP file. Open the file to find Quicktime video files of the Lesson Intro, Watts Up Teaching, and Trigger (place into PowerPoint, MediaShout, or Easy Worship), PowerPoint presentation, and Lesson Manual.

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    1. Great Stuff

      We had all our kids in the sanctuary Wednesday night before Easter and used this material. I have received so many positive compliments it is incredible! Thanks for making ET Kid's Church look good!!
      Charlie Murphy
      Evangel Temple
      Fort Smith, AR
      on Apr 18th 2017

    2. I'm never disappointed!!

      The curriculum is always easy to use and the kids love the videos. on Apr 6th 2017