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Deal Or No Deal [Download]

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    I remember when I got my first allowance as a child. “I’m rich!”, I thought. I made a list of all the things I would buy for ME.  I never once thought about the Creator who had blessed me with that money or considered what He would have me to do with it. Let’s face it, human beings are naturally selfish. As babies, our first word is often, “MINE!” We hold on to what is “ours” and don’t want to let go of it. Sadly, that same mentality is carried over into adulthood. God has a plan for our lives, including our money and our STUFF. Too often our children are bombarded with messages from the world about how they need to try to acquire as much material possessions and money as possible. After all, that is how we measure one’s importance, right? Not according to God. God says that we should put His Kingdom first in all things, including our money. Instead of seeking after money and STUFF, we should be seeking after Him.  If we do that, He will take care of all the needs in our lives and make sure that His children are blessed. As my staff and I put together this series, we knew it would make an eternal impact. As children are taught to use their money as tools for evangelism and building the Kingdom of God, many lives will be won to Christ as a result of their investment.

    Includes graphic art for promo, PowerPoint games, puppet skits, and PowerPoint slides used for Power Verse, the Big Idea, and illustrated messages. Also contains Adobe .PDF and Microsoft Publisher files of the entire Leader's Manual to personalize each lesson to your service's needs.

    Music: contains weekly sound effects, "Offering Time" song, instrumental songs for game time, and bonus songs.

    Click HERE for a sample Large Group lesson.

    The Lessons:

    Lesson 1: Living On Leftovers

    Lesson 2: Live Like A King

    Lesson 3: What’s The Score?

    Lesson 4: Don’t STUFF Yourself

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