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Animal Tales (Download)

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    Kids love animals! God loves animals! God created the animals! Often, when we think of animals in the Bible we only think of Noah’s Ark. But God used many animals in the Bible to teach His truth. In this series, we will look at six of these incredible animals.

    The Snake - the devil took the form of a snake to deceive Adam and Eve into the very first sin.

    The Pig - the story of the Prodigal Son teaches us that we belong with God and we can always come home.

    The Donkey - the talking donkey that belonged to Balaam reminds us that we must obey God no matter what.

    The Lamb - God provided a lamb for Abraham so that he would not have to sacrifice his son, Isaac.

    The Camel - it is easier for a camel to get through the eye of a needle than for someone who loves their money to get into Heaven.

    The Lion - Daniel learned to trust God in the scariest situation.

    In this series, we’re going to be learning from some of those “Animal Tales” from the Bible!




    Lesson 1:                             “The Snake” (Adam & Eve)

    Lesson 2:                             “The Pig” (Prodigal Son)

    Lesson 3:                             “The Donkey” (Balaam’s Talking Donkey)

    Lesson 4:                             “The Lamb” (Abraham Sacrifices Isaac)

    Lesson 5:                             “The Camel” (The Rich Young Ruler)

    Lesson 6:                             “The Lion” (Daniel In The Lion’s Den)



    This series includes:


    Included are Quicktime Videos of “The Spark” Intro Video segments featuring Emilie, the Power Verse Videos featuring “Scripture Hunter”, and “Watts Up?” Videos featuring “Skittles”. We have included several “Video Bumpers” to be used as transitions to each segment of the service (“Game On!”, “Offering”, and “Brain Drain”).

    Included in Each Lesson:
    Each lesson includes a character skit, Bible Story (with comic book style illustrated graphics), game, object lessons, Illustrated "Call To Action" Message, Family Devotion (take-home), and a “Small Group Experience.”  Each lesson is jam-packed with material that is fully customizable.   


    Click HERE for a sample Large Group lesson, Small Group lesson, and Family Devotion.



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